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North Side Mosques of Chicago


We welcome you to our 3 Mosques in the North Side Area, including the biggest mosque “Jama Masjid” in one of the largest and most populous cities in the U.S; Chicago. A quick glimpse in the history of existing mosque shows an old parking structure of about 27,379 sq. ft. which was purchased about 32 years ago when Muslim population in U.S. in general and in Chicago in particular was still at an infancy. Allah SWT blessed few brothers with the vision of community life and concern for the growing Ummah in this city which had only few Muslims 30-35 years ago. At present Chicago has on the of the largest Muslim populations in the nation. According to some census Muslim’s growth in the U.S. is about 15% per year.

The 27,379 sq. ft. parking structure was converted half into masjid and the rest remained parking for over 3 decades. With this humble mosque in place, Muslims started migrating in to the surrounding areas as it happens around the oasis in the deserts. Present mosque is posing a big challenge to the needs of ever growing community in the city of Chicago. With intent to find an immediate solution to accommodate increasing number of “Musalleen” for prayers and with a vision to continue to provide for the growing numbers for the next few years, design of a bigger mosque is made and Alhamdulillah submitted to the City of Chicago for the permit process upon the approval to proceed with the construction.


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